Journey into Eternity

by Rijuta Dey
August 11, 2009
Originally published in the Kolkata Mirror ( short url: )

Chalar Pathe by artist Sujata Chakraborty was a visual delight


Sujata Chakraborty with Nobel laureate Amartya Sen

Titled Chalar Pathe ("On the Way"), the eleventh solo exhibition of paintings by artist Sujata Chakraborty, was a visual delight to behold. Her paintings transformed the lounge at Taj Bengal (the venue) to an arena where bold colours and confident mastery of the art-form coalesced incandescently.
The artist’s frames had captured vignettes of daily life; every day activities and stances that fired Sujata’s imagination. Be it a woman lovingly feeding her pet or two lovers caught dallying under a tree, whether it’s an aged lady sitting in pensive meditation or a fish-seller brandishing her fare in a vibrant market, the visuals enthrall and arrest.
The woman’s figure is fore grounded in the majority of the paintings; real women whose ethnic beauty is both contained and revealed in colourful sarees. Though a couple of paintings are sombre in their muted palette choice, the feminine form dominates there too.
Commenting on this, Sujata explains, “The female form’s beauty and rhythmic proportions are unmatched. Also, though I have been consciously trying to paint in neutral shades, colours just spill onto my canvas on their own accord!” She also categorically refrains from painting the ills of human life, preferring instead to exult in the universal good.
The inexorable life force of the artist’s vision and soul manifests in her work and finds its takers too. The likes of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen and actor Soumitra Chatterjee have lauded Sujata’s present endeavour. Myriad facets of everyday life metamorphose into the eternal under Sujata’s brushstrokes. Regurgitating life’s imprints has Sujata wielding her weapon with finesse and passion. When watching her paint live, one is reminded of Pablo Picasso’s words “Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth.”


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